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About us:

Hey guys!


Thank you for checking out my website!


My name is Haley and I am the proud owner of Bayside Buggies.

I wanted to start this business because there is nothing I love more than cruising around our beautiful city with my family every night in our Polaris Ranger, and I wanted the visitors of Horseshoe Bay to have that same experience!


Horseshoe Bay is such a unique city. Being a resort community, it definitely feels like we live in a vacation spot everyday! How cool is it that we can drive golf carts all around Horseshoe Bay? There's not many places you can hop on your buggy and go to the grocery store! We love seeing all the deer, the stunning homes and friendly neighbors!

Bayside Buggies doesn't just service Horseshoe Bay, we proudly deliver carts all over the Hill Country for various events, reunions, weddings, tournaments, you name it!



I hope you enjoy my site, please follow my Facebook page so you can keep up to date with the happenings around the Bay and the Hill Country! Hope to see you soon!


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